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Isle of Siptah - Zath FX

Zath by Rui Pereira -

So many people worked on this Avatar and did an incredible amount of work to bring him to life. I thoroughly enjoyed working on the FX for this big guy and hope our players will enjoy the emotions they will face when using him.

Huge shout out to Senior Technical Designer Chris Meredith and Lead Game Designer Gavin Winter for their incredible work on the functionality and implementation, Lead Designer Dennis Douthett, our incredible Art Producer Kris Hammond for his guidance andfeedback and Aaron Gallant, our very talented Senior Audio Designer who helped take the creep factor over the edge.

Zath FX Demo:
Acid Missile |Acid Impact & Decal FX | Egg Spawn Projectiles | Egg Bursts | Web & Spider Covering | Spider Summoning Pillar