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UE5 Sci-Fi VFX Course for Game Production - PART 1

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This is part 1 In a 3 part series where you will learn how to take an effect from a concept to ready for gameplay implementation. You will learn my production pipeline that has been used in many of my FX throughout AA and AAA game production. 

You will learn how to create assets in industry software packages and prepare them properly to be imported into Unreal with optimization and performance in mind. Then you will learn different techniques to build simple to complex materials for FX that will give you great amounts of control for satisfying gameplay and art direction. These materials will also communicate with Niagara and Blueprints through the use of carefully planned parameters and bindings.

This course will also show you how to prototype Blueprint logic that will enable you to connect your effects to your character, props and weapons in order to run them in a gameplay ready gym for proper testing of functionality, timing, gameplay communication and visualization that satisfies art direction.

You will receive a project file with game ready assets to use along with this course. You will also be given score and sound design elements, courtesy of the talented Brian Michael Fuller, to hook up to your effects for a complete and well rounded prototype. The assets you will have at your disposal will simulate what it is like to work with other disciplines in a production.

This is a feature rich course and by the end of the series you should have a more advanced knowledge of how to pull off AAA quality FX for Game Production.

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