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Conan Exiles - Age of Sorcery - Casting System VFX

- Helped establish overall art direction for Age of Sorcery through the creation of a VFX style guide for establishing color and shape language for each school of magic. 
- Established pipelines and tools for creating the casting rocks (Houdini). setup a procedural pipeline for the animations, fracturing, destructible meshes and the high and low poly for each rock. 
- Also setup semi-procedural pipelines for texturing the rocks (Substance Painter) and for processing the runes (Substance Designer) 
- Created all particle and staff VFX 
- Was responsible for all textures and materials and created a series of Universal Casting FX too to work with all spells 
Casting system was implemented by the talented Chris Meredith

Casting FX with School Selection - Thaumaturgy

Casting FX with School Selection - Demonology

Casting FX with School Selection - Divination

Casting FX with School Selection - Illusion

Casting FX with School Selection - Necromancy

Universal Casting FX - Upward

Universal Casting FX - Forward Release

Universal Casting FX - Ground Slam

Houdini Pipeline for rock generation. Destruction sim was sent out as Alembic and reversed/played forward as a geocache animation.

Substance Pipeline for texturing