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Destroy All Humans 2 - Reprobed Environment VFX

I worked with Plan A and Ruckus Dev in collaboration with the developers of DAH2, Black Forest Games, to help create environmental VFX for water puddles during rain storms. I created materials for the puddles and moving/overflowing water as well as the geyser for the fire hydrant. All particle FX for these were done by fellow and talented VFX Artist Will Jennett. I was also in charge of VFX supervision for multiple cutscenes and Gameplay VFX with a small team of 4 total VFX artists.

Responsible for water pouring out from the hydrant base and the overflow puddle. Also created the geyser core.

Created puddle and overflow shaders for the manhole water FX.

Same base for puddles and moving water

Puddle and Moving water Shaders

Puddle shaders