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Destroy All Humans 2 - Reprobed - Cinematic VFX (Blisk Base Explosion)

It was a blast, pun intended, to work on this scene for this amazing game. I worked with Plan A and Ruckus Dev in collaboration with the developers of DAH2, Black Forest Games, to bring this scene to life with VFX elements and sequencer animation.
- I created the destruction of the spires in Houdini and brought the trail data from the destroyed spire pieces into Niagara to spawn smoke and fire trails. 
- Created additional sparks, smoke, explosions etc. in Niagara 
- Used a combination of Houdini and EmberGen for additional blast, smoke and explosion FX. 
- Also created the crack textures/materials and shockwave explosion in Substance designer. 
- Altered and modeled the Destroyed Spires in blender.
I was in charge of VFX supervision for multiple cutscenes (Total of 4) and Gameplay VFX with a small but talented team of 3 additional VFX artists.
Original Gameplay capture by Gamer's Little Playground. You can find the full video of all cutscenes on their channel here:

Gameplay Cinematic

Created Crack textures, scene placement and sequencer animation.

Responsible for all VFX placements, creation of VFX assets, destruction, destroyed spire models and Sequencer animation.